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In the Name of Love…

I had a housemate who was going for their Doctorate in Comparative Religion.  The only eternal truth that we could agree on was that people will do just about anything for love.

When you feel like you are being attacked and think you know the source, it might be a victim of this great truth doing the lashing out.

Hopefully, friends will help the poor creature see that someone using an opportunity to do something incredible, like help a person’s position and try to be a force for good for potentially tens of thousands of people, shouldn’t be the focus of all that pent up cosmic unreleased stress.

When the worst that can happen is a, “no thank you.”  and the best could be the answer to all your dreams, attacking innocent bystanders isn’t the best way to charge up your Maserati.  Get on board and say something to the one you are interested in.


Who is Bugging You?

From the 1950s till officially the mid-1970s, the Government seems to have had a program called MK Ultra that dosed people with L.S.D.. It ended with an executive order from President Ford against the unwilling drugging of Americans.

When the President closes a door the Industrial Espionage Complex usually has a window ready to open.  If you think about how strange it is that only one person died in the L.S.D. tests you can follow the waving curtain.

Behind that curtain is a bacteriologist.

Remember in the 1970s when they didn’t just throw antibiotics at everyone who went to the Doctor claiming to be ill?  You had a throat culture grown and they called you back if something seemed nasty.  Did we just get lazy or does some organizational complex want you to not think about the Invisible World?

One man stood up against letting his urban environment become riddled with random piles of steaming bacteria.  He was shot down in the office of the Mayor of his city with the Mayor, if you believe the local paper and not the version in the film on the man.  Was Harvey Milk and Mayor Masconi of San Francisco shot over shit?

The man who eyewitnesses saw do the deed rather successfully used the defense that he had eaten too many of the most successful bacteria resisting substance then currently consumed by man.  An obvious threat to a plan to control us by the use of dog crap and other bacterial threats to our persons.

Think carefully when you wonder what is bugging you.

Got to Hand it To Them ….

When I started my quest to get to know the Bible better, I just didn’t know what clever things I was going to find.

I would say that there has never been a better time to dive into the huge basin of tradition that is the Old Testament. On-line references can give you twenty or more opinions on verses from the plethora of translations out there. You soon see how variable the opinions are.

The most revealing, to me, is the Covenant that was made between God and Abraham about circumcision. Not much is said about the “why” of it until later when I found it revealed that King Saul sent out his future successor David to collect foreskins of the enemy as proof of his military abilities. Thus, not possessing one would make you a non-target and keep harmony within the Chosen People’s ranks.

If you compare this to the Indigenous Americans you see the logic. A scalp is a scalp. You got to have it so you are never really safe from an unscrupulous warrior no matter how tribal you say you are. To claim your victories on something that your own tribe members removes and is also only possessed by the males does lead to more truth in war. I got to hand it to them, for those times it was an ingenious method.

After The Old Man

I was not even 10 years old, but I understood that The Old Man had the kind of charm that could hold the world together.  It took be four decades to realize how right I was.  He was irreplaceable, but after holding the mobile world together since before World War Two, he was also getting old.

I don’t know why I was told he was the richest man in the world.  Maybe to get me to treat him with the same kind of distant awe that all the sycophants, who followed him to the historic little far away middle class mountain resort with fine food, unique wine and some of the best musicians in the world, showed him.  To me he was more of a pal.  To my Grandparents who owned the resort, that drew such great musical talent because of a painful depression co-history with the early Jazz movement of such a caliber to entice his musically talented son’s family, they were a nuisance that eventually destroyed their resort.

In a summer only tourist town, a mass of people parking themselves on your best tables all night to unhappily complain about having to be there but staying to be there with The Old Man, left good happy customers lined up outside, in the back room or driving away to give their quick turnover money to other food venders.  All because a word from The Old Man could make or break them.  So everyone sat grumbling near the giant fireplace, bandstand and amazingly huge carved bar waiting much longer than was normally acceptable in a business like ours.

I might have been told to keep me in line.  Leaving me to watch not only my 3 1/2 years younger sister, but his similar aged brother who clung to her, while he disappeared to read the Comic Books he so highly recommended to me was only a little helped by the 2 years younger than me friend of the family Christopher who seemed to be along to watch Billy.

Grandpa was there only in the evenings.  His family’s farm took his days.  Grammie was always so busy it became my job to dance with Grandpa, an extraordinarily smooth dancer, when the sycophants brought the energy down so low the dance floor cleared.  I took it very seriously.  I had to be flawless.  What I learned from my afternoons being “watched” by Grammie’s old friend the arranger was that you don’t have to be flashy.  It wasn’t about ego.  You just did what you could, but like a good doctor, just try to do no harm.  Be with the music – don’t try to rule the music.

I don’t know if I knew that the women who were very kind to help me, with my little sister in the bathroom and such, were different.  In the seventies the differences between men and women in the Muslim world were not as great, as the people at a loss as to how to control them without The Old Man’s charm later made them, as the only way they could think to control their people.  I wonder if it was so they wouldn’t have to deal with women like me.

It was my secret place that made them jealous.  If you could make it up the large pile of exposed boulders it was still hard to find the meeting place.  It was a good gathering place because people who had a difficult time sitting Indian Style, like I learned at my progressive deskless school in the new suburbs of South Denver, could sit conventionally on the lip of the very large bowl at the top of the pile a couple dozen feet above the restaurant back door.  Special adults made it up there and the Grandkids of The Old Man knew the way because they were there often, but it put many others at a disadvantage and “take me down little Susie” was a plea that lost musicians and others had to ask in desperation to find the secret safe path to ground level.   Some didn’t like my power.

Finding ways to get around feeling so helpless, to a female, might have been the straw that they grasped at when The Old Man died and the family sold the oil rights, he had won to half of Saudi Arabia, to Chevron.  Leaving men, like the Koch Brothers who had to have desert crude for their type of refineries, with memories of painfully embarrassing inadequacies in rock climbing skills they could cure by turning the desert people against themselves with ancient recently removed restrictions on women that left those people hated by the world and very easy to control.

The Long Lost Art of Nature

There was a time when selling the world as mostly made up of persons living undesirable lives in undesirable conditions needed to be sold to a small portion of the world they had delegated to finance huge loans for huge projects designed to improve these hopelessly backward lives. That was a long time ago but useful lies dies hard.

Plastics as the future. A clean smooth safe undirty world to exist in free from toil. That was the product sold the small portion of the world that had already been kicked out of its natural state of grace already. In their deluded scientific ignorance they wished to convert all the world to the sterile life of joyful consumerism.

There is a jolly new tool for conversion being sold to the people the people elect. There is a push to convince the more liberal sections into believing it is there handywork, because it is more difficult to push those who do not naturally tend to move for a more profit oriented approach to life than the Republicans that do. It is called Agenda 21 and it is on its way to save nature from humans. That is individuals or small land owning humans with rights near resource extraction regions – mainly.

The local research group who gave an explanation of the Agenda 21 to a local Liberal Politian named the root of the phenomenon as a theorist from the International Monitary Fund who expounds removal of humans from a pure nature.

I stand firmly against such a innocent idea. Modern man as the only human element of change upon the land is a travesty. If anything we are the first humans on the land who have the ability to understand that our activities do have effects and can learn to modulate them to create a world better than primitive happenstance could have ever hoped to deliver.

Teacher of the Groves's

What are people doing to study the redwood actions during the drought.   A little innovation from the local tree cutting company has made these tree trimmers heroes under the 1,000 plus year old tree on the way into Ben Lomond.  After wrestling with my style of total limb removal, rather than the common limb end prune, on a large very dense shrub tree near it that went so well – it is my belief I inspired them to do the same on the top heavy tall redwood.

What has happened is amazing.  The extra dappled light that recent studies showed was very beneficial to plants has energized the undergrowth.  As growing a protective screen seems a way these giants survive, by shading the water collective bark, this might be a way to increase the vitality of the giants and have a pleasing under canopy.

Thank you.

Life in the forest can be a like living inside a home.

Life in the forest can be a like living inside a home.

Fig Lets You Crowdfund Computer Games For Profit, Not Just Fun.  Who needs profit when Mom has Hot Pockets and Red Bulls in the frig?